Xbox Live GOLD Subscription Card 1 Month Xbox Live
৳ 1,150.00 BUY NOW

Xbox Live GOLD Subscription Card 1 Month Xbox Live

৳ 1,150.00

  • step-by-step instructions sent directly to your e-mail.
  • First-class customer support available 24 hours a day by phone, chat, and e-mail, even at the midnight. (INSTANT REPLY & ANY HELP).
  • Call our support team at +8801771447224.

Get your instant download of a 1 Month Xbox Live Gold membership on Xbox One/360

Xbox Live Gold allows you to go online and connect to your friends, share your gameplay on Twitch with no problem at all. Xbox Live Gold 1-month subscription grants you full access to all the features on offer.

The top 3 reasons to be an Xbox Live Gold member

  • Lighting fast online multiplayer gaming thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating
  • Free games, twice a month, that are yours forever including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release

What’s included with a 1 Month Xbox Live Gold membership?
Included in this product is a 1 Month Gold membership for Xbox Live.

Is there any region lock for this 1 Month Xbox Live Gold membership?
This product is available worldwide. There’s no region lock.

Web Browser:

  • Open a web browser and go to this address:
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials
  • Enter the game code from your email and click


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