Buy GTA 5 Games From Bangladesh

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৳ 600.00

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8.
RAM: 4 GB.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 Processors.


Are you looking for buy GTA 5 Video Games, Yes you are at the right place, You can Buy GTA 5 Games From Bangladesh. Buy GTA 5 at low prices in BD.

Buy GTA 5 Games From Bangladesh.

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game.

Initial release date: September 17, 2013
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Pegi Rating: Suitable for people aged 18 and over.

38 reviews for Buy GTA 5 Games From Bangladesh

  1. Drrfdfd

    This is a beast game in the world

    • admin

      Thanks for the Feedback!

  2. Nafeez

    can i play this online? reply pls

    • admin

      yes. you can play on online.


    is it legit or cracked version????????

    • admin

      it’s original.

  4. Akram khan

    I will buy this game…..home delabari hiba?

    • admin


  5. Jabir mahamud

    Vai amar gta 5 lagbe amar basa dinajpure

    • admin

      Please call us to place your order.

  6. Rion

    Ami gta v kinte chai

    • admin

      Please Contact Us.

  7. Samz

    Online khela jabe

    • admin

      yes, online khelte parben.

  8. Angshu

    Can I Play Online With This Cd… And In The Cd Dose there the real cd key … plz reply

    • admin

      yes, it’s original.

  9. Mujahid

    Accha Vaiya ei GTA 5 ki real ta na???

    • admin

      yes, it’s original.

  10. Arfat

    ctg te kothai pabo

    • admin

      Courier Service theke nite pareben.

  11. Mahadi Hasan

    Amar bari sylhete kivabe kinbo???

    • admin

      Apni amader store a direct eshe nite paren.

  12. Lokman

    Bhai Ami GTA 5 kinbo plz kamne contact korbo bolen gta5 kinbo bhaiya

    • admin

      Apni amader mobile number a call diye order korte parben.

  13. admin

    it’s original.

  14. Mahadi Hasan

    Apnader Store Er Location Please Bolben? Sylhet E hole valo hoy

  15. Adam

    Is it original disc or crack cpy

    • admin


  16. add

    online khela jay?

    • admin

      ha, online khela jabe.

  17. Mehedi Hasan

    laptop a khela jabe,,,,2gb ram?

    • admin

      na, khela jabe na.

  18. salman

    koi gb ram lagbe..? khelte hole..?

    • admin

      4 GB

  19. Nayeef

    Vai online cara Kala jaby

    • admin

      ha, khelte parben.

  20. Emon Khan

    Core i 3 te cholbe?

    • admin


  21. rahad

    pc configuration kemon lagbe ey game khelar jonno

    • admin

      Description a dewa ache.

  22. Abid Hassan

    Can i play this game online

    • admin


  23. RAFID

    I don’t have the DVD rom. Can I buy liscence and download it from online and play??

    • admin

      yes, you can.

  24. Ajijul Islam

    Atar sathe ki map deya hobe???

    • admin

      jodi disc kinen map disc er shate thakbe.

  25. Sakib

    vai apnder store ta kothay??? plz ekto janaben!!!

    • admin

      please check our contact us page.

  26. Sakib

    Apnader Store Ta kothay…
    kindly janaben please..

    • admin

      please check our contact us page.

  27. Tanvir Hassan

    Currently trying to play the GTA V cracked version. It’s so laggy and full of glitches. Is your copy 100% legit sir?

    • admin

      Yes, it is legit.

  28. Tanvir Hassan

    Bro, why the asking price ranges from 2100-4100 tk? What are the differences?

    • admin

      1: Only cd key. 2: Disc with cd key.

  29. hamim

    can i get this game from narayanganj

    • admin


  30. hamim

    do i need to pay only 600 taka or more than that.bcuz there is written, “for pc:2100-4100 taka”

  31. Stmg

    Vai etar daam koto

    • admin

      600-1800-2100 taka.

  32. Ramim

    Please tell me the real price of gta 5, 600 taka or more than 600,becouse original price may be higher than 600 taka.

    • admin

      cd key 1800-2100 taka.

  33. abid

    bhy cd r shathe online khalar activation code thake??? and idv bhobon e kono market ase apnader????

    • admin

      ha ache. 1800-2100 taka.

  34. Kafi Ahmad

    i need cd key what is the price?

    • admin

      1800-2100 taka.

  35. oni

    guys how man cd this game has
    i am going to buy this game
    so you guys can tell me

    • admin

      Please contact us for information.

  36. RohanDDXX

    600 taka and is rockstar code available??

    • admin

      Rockstar code is 1800 taka.

  37. Aksam Abir

    ata kii real?? Ata te kii role play khela jabe?? Apnader shop kothay ar kono somossa hole change korte parboo??Apnara ki online aaoo bikri koren
    I am interested please answer

    • admin

      Please contact us for information.

  38. Farhan

    Vai ami cd kinle shat e ki ki thakbe

    • admin

      apner kunta lagbe ?

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